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Cheap Car Rental in Bordeaux

The world's wine capital is disappointingly shabby, but is currently undergoing some renovation and clean-up projects which, while not adding to its aesthetic value at present, will ultimately make this large, wealthy metropole with its classical architecture easier on the eye. Bordeaux is sited on the Garonne River, 20 miles (32km) in from the Atlantic, and is France's fifth largest city with a population of 650,000. In days of yore it started out as a Roman trading post, and passed into the hands of the English who owned it for some 300 years, imparting a British frosting on the French flair of the city and surrounds. Many of the grand chateaux in and around the city are still in English hands and many are open to tourists. Visitors can also sample the wares at several wine exporters premises in the city, which chiefly serves tourists simply as a stopover and central transport hub useful for accessing France's famous wine-growing region.

The area surrounding Bordeaux produces over 70 million gallons of wine each year including the world’s best red wine. Many vineyards are small family run businesses without staff to cater for tourists, but the larger more famous ones organise tastings and tours of the cellars and vineyards. Château Mouton-Rothschild (tel: (05) 56 73 2129) is located just north of Pauillac. It is still run by the Rothschilds and attracts thousands of visitors each year who come as much for the impressive collection of art as for the wine. Château Lafite-Rothschild (tel: (01) 53 89 7800) is nearby and was purchased by the Rothschilds in 1868. The vinothèque contains many vintage bottles, several dating from 1797. Château Margaux (tel: (05) 57 88 8383) is an imposing 19th-century château south of Pauillac; the estate produces three wines from its 650 acres. To see the vat rooms and wine cellars, make an appointment by letter or phone.

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